The Sensory Spa offers visitors the opportunity for regeneration and self-exploration, taking them on a journey through the senses and the elements. Here, classic spa treatments blend smoothly with oriental philosophies, creating a magical environment where you can pamper the body and the senses. The “20 Wonders” you will find in the spa, such as the melmarium or the calidarium, or the walk in the river, to mention just three, can be experienced separately or as part of the 4 programmes studied by naturopathists to obtain the best possible result. The Sensory Spa nestles amid the greenery of the
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Theia, "she who shines far", was the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology and the brand new spa pools, four outdoor and three indoor, couldn't not be named after her. The pools - over 500 meters squared of tubs - are all connected and filled with water from the Sillene spring. They are located in via della Foresta, behind the Sillene structure which is accessed from Piazza Marconi. Animated by water jets and hydromassage, they are equipped with parasols and sunbeds. There is also a bar-restaurant and wifi connection. Rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulphates, which
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At the Terme di Chianciano, located in Chianciano Terme, in the age-old Acqua Santa spa park in piazza Martiri Perugini the Acqua Santa and Acqua Fucoli waters for treating the liver and the gastroenteric apparatus spring forth. Terme di Chianciano carries out hydropinic treatments with Acqua Santa, subsidised by the national health service. This therapy is enhanced by the baths and muds for the hepatic area at the Terme Sillene (Sillene Spa) where the baths and arthrorheumatic muds take place, and where, again subsidised by the national health service, you may take therapeutic baths for vascular
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